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Thread: LLLreptile and supply?

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    Hi eradi.Welcome back :wink: .I haven't seen you on here for a while.Hope all is well.How are your animlas doing ? sorry you all for changing the subject.
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    good co. no problems

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    I love LLL reptile, and supply. I bought my red tegu from them, as well as many of my corn snakes, and frog species. I've always had quality animals, and always had a great experience with LLL reptile having dealt with them for the last 7 years or so.

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    I bought a High White California Kingsnake from them about 7 months ago. Great packaging and fast shipping, the snake arrived alert and healthy. The snake has had no problems and eats like its going out of style.

    I would recommend LLL Reptile for anything they offer, they always have a great selection of reptiles and the employees are very friendly and helpful. Prices are very reasonable also.

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    i love LLL reptile they ship really fast and have great customer service
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    I've never ordered from them, but they had a pretty nice setup at the Anaheim Expo.
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    Default LLL Reptiles A+

    My Tegu was shipped from LLL reptiles in CA. to my home here in Kentucky and arrived in excellent health. I first talked to the guys at Reptile Depot and they couldn't answer my questions but LLL Reptiles was very knowledgeable and friendly and didn't seem to care to take the time to talk with you. So I have found a home away from home for my reptile needs.

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    Thumbs up My tegu came from LLL too

    LLL had a big display at the San Jose Herp Show and I bought my Argentine B&W tegu from them -- they were friendly, had good knowledge of how to raise them, and the little guy was healthy when I got him -- and even tame so truly captive-bred. They have good discounts at the show and if you're going to a show, check their website for a discount coupon good at the show. I've bought tons of supplies from them and recommend them.
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    I haven't bought any reptiles from them but I do buy many supplies there. They have a pretty good selection and great prices, they messed up on my UV light and sent me a 5.0 instead of a 10.0 and they sent me the correct bulb and a return address sticker with shipping paid within two days, their customer service was really good and instead of feeling irritated and frustrated I was relieved and glad they worked so well to resolve a problem. I recommend them to many people, people on craigslist that need supplies, people in pet stores...
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    I got a couple bulbs from them, one happened to be broken. I gave them a call and they shipped another one out no questions asked. Just told me to hang on to the broken one for a couple weeks in case fed ex wanted it. A+ Service and great prices. I highly recommend LLL!!
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