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Thread: Loud Crickets?

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    Default Loud Crickets?

    Hey as Some of you may know I'm preparing for my tegu, and I've actually got a cricket farm built by the book, egg carton nesting area etc. But....I just thought about the noise...I kinda figured they'll chearp alot etc but is it loud? Because most like I'll keep my 4x3 container holding my colony in my room Can anybody give me an ideal of what ill be in for? If the cherping is gonna be to unbarable I may just buy dead crickets or an alternate food source in bulk for it's meat supply.

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    crickets are nasty stinky messy loud cannibals.

    start a roach colony dude, your tegu'll thank you.

    i use dubia roaches, no stench, no noise, they don't climb or fly. the perfect bug for a home colony.
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    IMO, you should breed:

    Superworm (very easy and big quantity)
    Silkworm (harder, but the worm has a very good nutritous value)
    Roaches (big enough to fill up the belly of your Tegu(s) )

    good luck! :wink:
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    yeah i wanna start a roach colony but ive been yapped at here at home about that.. so ive started a superworm colony.. easy to start and go with
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    I have 3/4 " crickets.When they are that size they don't chirp because they are still juvies but bigger than babies.As long as you clean out the food ( I give them fresh fruit and veggies ) every day you don't have to worry about the smell.I have super worms,too.I put them on oatmeal and heave a dish in there for the fresh fruit and veggies.

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    I HATE crickets!!!!

    Roaches are my choice! Dubia, baby dubia. They are easy, breed like crazy and eat anything and I mean anything you put in there.

    I use roaches the new Savannahs but other than that we're a roach family and a harvester ant family tooo.
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    You don't want crix in your room! Loud and yucky. It's hard for me to keep them here in Fl because the heat gets them. I won't keep them in the house because they are too dirty, but they die in the garage. I buy 1/4 size and feed them within 2 weeks when I have baby beardies. Otherwise, I go to the bait store and buy a whole mess of them for $3.

    If I were to raise a colony, it would be roaches or supers/mealworms. I have a colony of hissers, but they are breeding fast enough to feed my many mouths. They're too cool right now. They really aggravate my husband who is a rabid anti-roach person.
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    Take a word of advice from someone who has kept Crickets and Locusts for months.

    If they're nearby, You will get next to NO sleep.
    They keep me up most nights, I once sat next to the tank in a dreamy daze trying to stab the crickets in the middle of the night.

    Plus, the foul smell, We have crickets in a small room, and I can't spend longer than a couple of minutes in there, otherwise I would just throw up.

    Your cricket farm sounds good. But ever thought of how your going to clean it out?

    You can't clear it out without every cricket gone. So breeding is out of the question.

    Just a few ideas to think about

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    Oh well I threw 30 in there and they've seemed to take off. No hassel at all they are already laying eggs and I'm keeping them in the garage for now its perfect temp about 80 and the humidity is perfect to as for the winter which here in kentucky is very cold I'll move them in the spare room.

    As far as cleaning I probally wont go thru the hassel I'll remove there food and water bowl. scoop up as many crickets as I can and dump the rest in the Garbage, and start all over It's good to do that every so often to stop inbreeding I've heard. I got a 20 pound bag of the stuff you get put in hamster cages, so scraping my colony every month or so wouldnt be a big deal I've sit it up in under 10 minutes. Lined the bottom with the hamster ceeder threw in a egg cartoon and a cup of potting soil and a bowl of food and water. And even made one of those self operating water dispensers out of a dixie cup and a bottle of water. I'd like to raise roaches But my parents aren't to found of the Idea, That'll have to wait til I move out. So far I've got 50 cents worth of crickets and 10 minutes invested into my colony I'll experiment with it atleast.
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    lol, are your parents knowledgable? you can allways tell them the roaches are beetles, if you use dubia roaches the big females pass for beetles, you can be like WHAA?? Come on, we all know cockroaches don't get nearly this big! these are genuine Biggius Beetalis Reptile food beetles, guaranteed to get back in their cage if they ever escape, and do the dishes.

    then you could pick one up, and be like "if this were a cockroach would i be holding it? everyone knows a cockroach will fly away, or gnaw your hand off the second you pick it up."

    i dunno, i guess all i'm saying is crickets suck.
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