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    ... sooo my father shot his frist deer on our property upstate ny... after the butcher came and cut her all up into steaks n such, i kepted all the scraps .. i feed some of it to my tegus a little while ago, i have never seen them get so excited about eating!!! :lol: frist time ever i have seen, them tying to pull the meat from each others mouths ... i def. recommed it of you can get your hands on some.. :wink:

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    I agree! my tegus love venison.

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    My dad bought some venison from the store a little while ago but I think it might have been seasoned. It has white spots in it...I've never seen venison before so yeah. I checked the package and couldn't find it anywhere saying it was seasoned but I figured I may as well ask. Also what part of meat do you recommend? anything specific?

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    ..nope they love it all, like i said i kepted all the scraps so i couldn't really tell what was what by the end of it all. i just cut it up into bite size pieces. i don't know much about meats and if it would be seasoned first but like you said it is possible, but it shouldn't matter to the tegus. my tegus for some reason refuse to eat mice, so i like experiemtent with different types of meat.. they seem to really like cafes liver as well, ground beef, chicken, eggs, turkey, soft dog food, crickets, snails, grapes pretty much is what i feed my guys.. but i def. noticed when i feed them the deer meat they both were very excited and munched downn so much of it..

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    the only thing i could suggest with venison is having it frozen for a while. their known for carrying parasites. their often found with HUGE hydatid cysts inside them.

    The meat has to be frozen 3 month to be 100% sure the parasites are killed. From what i remember in parasitology class


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