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Thread: What are the 3 best roaches to buy?

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    Default What are the 3 best roaches to buy?

    I want to give some variety to my bearded dragons and tegu and I am kind of tired of dealing with crickets. I have an order of dubia roaches coming and I want to get a couple other different kind of roaches so that I don't have to deal with crickets and keep the variety that they need. I want to know the 3 best types of roaches as far as speed and quality go. I was thinking dubia, discord, and maybe lobsters. I want ones that can't climb the glass, i don't care about flyers, not that big of a deal. I also am going to get some hissers, but won't have many of them for a while and i know that they can climb glass, but I am going to keep them in a critter keeper. Let me know what everyone thinks so I can get some other roaches. Thanks!!!

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    We have Dubia. they're a little slow breeding but they don' climb glass or fly.
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    Hissers can escape through the slits of a critter keeper. Slick the top inch or two with vaseline.
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    best 3?
    two adult female and one adult male dubia roach.
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    True dubia are very good. I have about 300 dubia right now so my colony is just starting, but I saw a lot of nymphs in there so it is going good. I also have discoids now and am looking to get either turkish or lobster roaches. Lobsters are climing... i know... but they are really fast when breeding and I would like to get out of crickets because too many of those die in shipping to the midwest. It gets kind of pricey when have of the 1000 you order die 80% of the time.

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    Dubia are the same as discoid. Orange headed cockroaches are another good feeder.

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    no dubia are Orange Spotted roaches. Discoid are False Death Heads

    Dubia (Blaptica dubia) - Discoid (Blaberus discoidalis)

    *they are similar but not the same

    top 3 i would pick would be

    1. Dubia
    2. Lobster
    3. Hissers
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    1.0.0 All American Tegu
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    1.0.0 Lazik Tiger BP
    1.0.0 Normal Paradox BP
    1.0.0 Cuban Tree Frog
    2.3.0 America Toads
    1.0.0 Masked Ferret
    1.1.0 Children
    Rats & Roaches (Dubia)

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    & More to come

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    Have you thought about adding super worms with the dubias instead of another type of roach? Supers are also easy to keep, don't escape and are cheaper than roaches. I get 1,000 large supers from Mulberry farms for 30 bucks including shipping and my beardie and tegu like em. If you are looking for variety worms would give you a completely different feeder. I currently have dubia and super as my staple feeders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
    no dubia are Orange Spotted roaches. Discoid are False Death Heads

    Dubia (Blaptica dubia) - Discoid (Blaberus discoidalis)

    *they are similar but not the same
    Blaptica Dubia are also known as the "Guyana Orange Spotted Cockroach" you are correct. However there is another feeder species of roach called The Orange Headed Cockroach (Eublaberus prosticus). Orange Headed Roaches are not as tolerant of each other like Dubia and they have a defensive odor when disturbed unlike Dubia.

    And the best roach barrier available on the market can be bought at any store, packing tape. It works like a charm. You just have to apply like you would vaseline a couple inches down. When you put it on make sure you don't have any airbubbles and it can be put on in a couple pieces, just overlap them. Make sure you get those corners good too.


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