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Thread: short-tailed opossums

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    hey everybody..i haven't been here in a while! everything is going well and Achilles is doing great as well. i took her to petsmart to take a picture with santa! haha! well i'm trying to find someone who has or has had previous short-tailed opossum experience. i'm thinking of getting one and so far what i have read is pretty good. i remember someone mentioning on a chat that they have one? i'd like to talk to someone so i can get some more in depth info on their care and needs. you can e-mail me at thank you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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    Hi toxicogenic.I just want to welcome you back and wish you a Merry Christmas, too.It's nice to see that some old ( not in age :lol: ) members are coming back to this forum.

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    I breed them. Go to my website for more info. WWW. HEDGIEMAMA. COM.


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