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    Our neighbor is thinking about getting an Emperor Scorpion and read online that they only eat 1 cricket every other day. This hardly sounds like enough so I'm looking for some scorp specialists to point us in the right direction?
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    na i used to feed 3 of them a tub of locusts every 2 days and sometimes leave them for 3-4 days then feed them a fuzzie mouse or two to keep them from fighting, there an awsome pet especially as all species of scorpions glow in the dark under ultra violete light

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    Personally, i find your bst feeding regime is not to say '1 a week' or anything. its simply to feed them if they havent been fed in a while, or they are underweight.
    Nature has no stopwatch
    As invertebrates, these guys require bugger all in terms of nutrition to sustain a healthy weight and they can go a long time between meals... equally, that doesnt mean they should, it just gives you some leway
    Just ensure your scorp is not too thin, and equally as important not too fat. they will gorge themselves at times.


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