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Thread: Field Herping on the conasauga river

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    Default Field Herping on the conasauga river

    So yesterday I went herping on the conasauga river. It was awesome, way better than at holly creek. We went a mile down river (while in the river) We saw 4 snakes, caught two, both female northern banded water snakes, we caught a softshell turtle, several different species of frogs. We almost had small snapping turtle but it dove in the water after we got close. (all the animals caught were released after a quick photo soon)

    It was amazing, and exausting. I have to say I think the scenery on that river has to be some of the most beautiful in the world.

    I went herping from 1-9 and I can't say that I could have spent yesterday any better way. 0

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    You inspired me to go field herping my self!

    It was on a trail that I go hiking on. I saw one snake, which I'm pretty sure was a Brown-Chinned Racer. He was just laying in a sun beam with his head up high. I figured since he was so still that I would get a picture. But when I put my tripod down, he slithered off. I sat down by some water and a skink ran behind me and up the tree I was sitting next to. Then, an anole came swimming up the water, which was salt, and ran up the same tree. Poor anole, I could only think of how bad he hated that saltwater.

    But your field herping experience sounds great, I'm glad that you went again!


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