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Thread: big apple herp?

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    Default big apple herp?

    Anyone gotten anything from them before?

    Their website looks pretty clean, but they only have a stock photo of its animals....any suggestions?

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    I used to have a custom enclosure made by them. (stackable black plastic with locking doors and lights wired in) It was really nice. Other than that I've had no dealings.
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    I've bought things from them two or three times this past year. I've never had any problems and they always ship very quickly. They also drop in extra goodies if you have a fairly large order. I don't know about their livestock though, I've never ordered anything live.

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    I bought a Mexican Black Kingsnake from them and it was shipped quickly and arrived alert and healthy. Its been about 6 months and the snake has been healthy ever since it arrived.

    I would call and ask to talk with Steve. He is a very helpful and very nice guy, I think he is either the manager or the owner I cant remember off the top of my head.

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    they seemed to BIG when i talked to them,, they had me all worked up thinking i was gonna order a tegu the next day when they were open (they had current adds on and when i called they were short and kind of rude but thats all i know, dont be rude if people are calling about a false add you posted right?


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