There are seven recognized species of Tupinambis (tegu). Here are the scientific/latin names for each..

Tupinambis merianae

Tupinambis teguixin

Tupinambis rufescens

Tupinambis quadrilineatus

Tupinambis palustris

Tupinambis duseni

Tupinambis longilineus

The common names of these tegu are varied, there is no governing body in charge of assigning common names so one species can often have several common names. For this reason the common names are not currently listed on this page.

Note: Not all of these species are available in the pet trade.

Source: “A new species of Tupinambis Daudin, 1803 from southeastern Brazil (Squamata, Teiidae)” by P.R. Manzani and A.S. Abe, 2002. Arquivos do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, v.60, n.4,p.295-302.