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Thread: my fish house..oddballs only

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    Default my fish house..oddballs only

    the 2 big tanks
    1200 and 750 ltr including filters
    they look smaller since i've done the wooden frame and doors
    the top tank houses a silver aro, 7 silver dollars and boris the ray
    the bottom tank is home to a wyckii

    the other 2 without the frame and doors. run out of materials
    the top one is empty the bottom houses my channa marulioides.
    i fancy more rays for the top tank with an option of extending it to another 1000ltr tank.

    this rack is for my daugthers bettas and i will have 2 vivs for frogs in there

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    awesome tanks baloo!!!! they are huge!

    hey, can you reply to my pm?!
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