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Thread: herping in newfoundland, Canada

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    Default herping in newfoundland, Canada

    well herping in newfoundland suck ***.... i can name all the cool critters on my right hand...and i caught all of them

    green frog

    american toad

    possibly some spring peepers

    oh yeah and thats it no reptiles at all no snakes nothing intense the worst thing that will happen to you is gettin a frog pee in your eye os slipping on some rocks

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    But I'll bet the birds were pretty cool!

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    You're more than welcome to come herping with me if you ever come down to south east U.S
    we find tons of stuff (check our myspace. and we go on a weekly basis (actually 2 or 3 times a week) so if EVER in Ga, keep that in mind

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