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Thread: oh god...

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    One interesting thing about crickets is they can not jump straight up in the air. I bought a special cricket tub at a reptile expo from Armstrong Cricket Farm. The tub is about 18" deep. The sides are sanded up to about 4" from the top. The crickets can crawl up the sides, but not jump out even if it does not have a top. The tub came with a top, but I only have to use it to keep the cat out, not to keep the crickets in.

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    This happened to me a few weeks ago :| I bought about 50 baby crickets and left them in my room. When I walked past my room I thought I saw something weird out of the corner of my eye and did a double take because last time I checked the crickets were meant to stay inside the container not on the top! Lol. I'm pretty terrified of bugs, even little crickets so I spent ages making sure everyone was gone. Good to hear you managed to suck all those buggers up though!
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    Default oh god

    Rajesh did your memory of God idea come from anywhere, is it based on anything, or is it your own personal explanation?

    Either way I would like to read more of this idea, can you help me out?


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