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Thread: FOUND!!! Cypress mulch out west! CHEAP!!

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    Default FOUND!!! Cypress mulch out west! CHEAP!!

    This is how I found cypress mulch in Utah:
    ACE Hardware carries their own brand of cypess. I've seen it offered online at different places for INSANE prices + shipping which comes to around $20-30 a bag!
    Nope, NO good!
    Go online to find the store near you and give them this order number: 72242
    They'll likely tell you they don't carry it in store. Duh!
    You then tell them you want it brought into the store.
    They'll tell you it's a "raincheck" item and you'll have to pre-pay for it and they'll call you when the truck comes in. (make note of the store number and truck delivery days in case they forget you)
    It's ACE brand Cypress Mulch in a 2 sq.ft. bag at $4.79 a bag!
    It's Wednesday now. I'll have my mulch by Monday at a nice price + NO delivery fees or shipping! Just go pick it up when it comes in!!
    I sincerely hope this helps some folks out. I know it can be a pain to get out here but this makes it too easy!

    Mods, you might wanna sticky this to make it easier to find for future reference!
    Enjoy your tegus!
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    This is useful. One of the problems I might have had was substrate but I have an Ace right next down the street from me so I can get this when I need it.

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    I have an ace hardware 5 minutes from my shop and its 3 bags for $10. Really cant beat the price since i keep mine in a 9 x 7 pin
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