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Thread: lizard names

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    Whenever I figure out which sex my tegu is, I can decide on the name. Right now, I am planning on naming it Max if it is a boy and Sadie if it is a girl. I am going with very cliche dog names because there is a whole lot of ignorance in the public. If people can relate a "giant scary lizard" to their pet at home.

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    Guru is named after a hip-hop artist (rip), Rango is after the chameleon, Gimli is from LOTR (which I love dearly).
    Guru was also Skwisgaar (metalocalypse) but that name was too long. Gimli was almost Zeratul (Starcraft)
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    I named my b/w columbian Reptar because, for those have watched rugrats, he looks like their toy dinosaur Reptar
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    OK lol we currently have a theme sort of:
    Dumbledor (albino pacman frog): he just looks like he knows some stuff...
    Harry(ball python): my son decided that the balls would be the good guys and the boas the bad guys cause the boas look "mean"
    Fred(red rat snake): when i was little there was a red rat at this museum we went to and his name was fred and i was obsessed w/ him later my oldest son got a toy snake and it was red and w/out prompting named it fred and said it was a red rat snake... i just thought it odd so when fred happened upon us it made sense...
    Snape(hypo het albino red tail boa): after harry potters snape obviously
    bellatrix la snake(pastel red tail boa): after bellatrix lastrange of hp
    nagini(pastel red tail boa): after he who shall not be nameds pet snake on hp
    Weasley(argentine red tegu): well i mean he is red so it made sense w/ the theme...
    Riley (catahoula cur canine): just a good name for her idk... short sweet and ends in a vowel sound... dogs respond better to short names that end in vowels ... i read a study one time... idk
    Orange(orange tabby) we didn't get real creative w/ him as he wasn't supposed to stay
    Phil(gray and white cat) after captain phil on deadliest catch and funny is the name really freaking fits him
    bunny (dumbo rat) my son named her i think its like elephant the hamster from little bill
    opossum(rat) she looks like an opossum
    boris(dumbo rat) he came to me w/ that name
    rhino (rat) he is gray and we stick w/ themes at our house
    we have another that needs a name she is a female breeder... idk why i name the food but it makes me feel better
    and then there are 14 baby ratties and one will stay w/ us and have another animal name...
    OH and 2 kids sam (4) and jack (2) needless to say i have no time for anything LOL
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    My name- Mario
    Snapping turtle- Bowser
    Savannah monitor- Yoshi
    Egyptian uromastyx- King Tut
    Blue tongue skink- Zeus
    Argentine blk/wht tegu- Goliath
    Bearded dragons- Draco/ Mojo

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    We have a b/w Tegu whos name is Zeus .
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    Quote Originally Posted by txrepgirl View Post
    We have a b/w Tegu whos name is Zeus .

    ^^^ I think this video fits perfectly with this moment

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    My map turtle is Bubba as he was born retarded with a massive overbite like the dude in Forrest Gump (he also has one eye. I used to have Gump too but her nearly bullied Bubs to death)
    My Gecko is called Pubert after the baby in Addams Family Values
    My B=W Tegu is called Peachy, because otherwise I was going to call it Lee Majors after the Million Dollar Man (and Marge Simpson's favourite day-dream character) and that was just silly.


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    My blue tounge skink is named Flexo from futurama and cuz he canfit into any little space

    My savannah monitor is named Hugo based on the character from the street fighter video game series

    My arg b&w tegu is name Tara from the hbo series true blood because they are both black bad bitches that will **** u up if u get in their way lmao

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    Default Re: lizard names

    My b/w Argentine tegu is Zeus
    My pitbull puppy is coco
    Female beardie Chyna
    Female cat is Starr

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