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Thread: lizard names

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    Talking lizard names

    hay i thort it would be good if people said why they named ther lizards a name

    example he is caled speedy because he runs verry verry fast
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    My daughter names all our animals.
    Bobby. Argentine Black and White. Was a good name for a boy or a girl and she loves Bobby Flay (Iron Chef).
    Draggy. Chinese Water Dragon. Original name was T-Rex. Changed to Draggy since is a water dragon.
    Berry. Uromastyx. He likes strawberries.

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    I'll play along.

    Vlad - Tegu. Vlad the Impaler, the character that inspired the creator of Dracula
    Cloverfield - Water Dragon. Named after the monster from the movie of the same name.
    Yoshi - Water Dragon. Named after the character from Mario Bros.
    Koko - Water Dragon. Means blackfoot in Native American.
    Barbados - Water Dragon. Named after the character voiced by Danny Glover in the movie Ants.
    Sasha - Leopard Gecko. Sounded good at the time.
    Many pet rats and mice, Water Dragons, Columbian Tegu, Snakes, Dart Frogs, Chinchilla, Short Tailed Opossum, Hedgehog, rabbits, dogs, geckos, birds, newts and fish!

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    tegu,s name is COMA cuz when i got him/her it was awake for 2wks then went down for bout 8-plus months!!

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    Stumpy--- Blue Tongue Skink..because BTS' are stumpy looking with their little legs and all. =]

    Optimus--- Argentine Black and White Tegu..Because i love Optimus Prime and Transformers.

    Tank---Savannah Monitor..Because this thing is a TANK. lol

    thats all the lizards currently.

    i need more..


    -Jordan K
    0.0.1. Barred Tiger Salamander
    1.0.0. Mexican Black Kingsnake
    1.0.0. Short-Tailed Betta
    0.0.1. Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula)

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    Dino (B&W Tegu): Obviously,...from the Flinstones, I remember when I was little I had a lot of the stuffed toys plus one big one that I would always sit or lay on while watching the cartoon .

    White Boys "Powder" (APBT): White Boy, because he's white (w/eyes that change colors)and he's a boy :lol:. Powder, because I love the movie "Powder" (if anyone remembers it) and because I adopted him right before I switched from active duty to reserves while I was in Colorado. His eyes and coat remind me of the snow and blue skies there,...good times . So, fits but I call him Powder. When ever I say White Boy he looks at me like I'm crazy and he's slow doin what I say. As soon as I call him Powder he's up, body waving, tail waging with that pitbull smile, ready for what ever .

    Those are my two boys for now,...but two new babies pending.
    0.1.0 BP (Spiral) aka Rita Wayward
    2.1. Dogs (White Boys "Powder", Paw Paws "Achilles" & Panini)

    " 14 July 2010,..Always Remembered"

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    My Tegus Name is Shredder.. When we got her she was in this tiny little plastic container :( and she was tearing everything apart trying to get out... idk it just kinda stuck... I also have a Ball Python named Kahlua because at the time my boyfriend and i were on a white russion kick and love Kahlua.. and she is really dark like the alcohol.. i think Kahlua really grew into her name... We have only had Shredder for about 2 months now so im still not really sure if her name actually fits her personality yet...

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    Waylon Jones (Jonesy for short) - The Killer Croc from batman his real name is Waylon Jones
    Jess Harley (Harley for short) - In the Archie Comics of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) LeatherHead (Croc Mutant)
    His name was Jess Harley
    Liz - My daughter wanted to name her Lizard so we call her Liz
    Red - My friend tyler named her Red, But My daughter wants to change her name to Penny

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    Blizzard (B/W female) came with the name and the previous owner's 4yo boy wanted me to keep the name
    Kreacher (B/W female) because she acts like the Harry Potter character (won't, won't please the master)
    Rexi (red male) from Night at the Museum because he likes to play with toy balls
    Oreo (Colombian female) she's black and white like an Oreo
    Chester (Colombian male) he came with the name

    Boo and Two Toe have missing toes
    Bella and Edward are a young mated pair
    Nubs has a big part of his tail missing
    Quasimodo used to have a curved spine

    Jackie is a green iguana that came with the name Capt Jack Sparrow. I thought Jackie was just easier.
    Hammy the uro from the little hyper squirrel in Under the Hedge (he also goes by Henry Zulu)
    Ameiva...I call him Ameiva but my kids call him Patrick or Nick Nack
    Elmo is our new little gator. We used to have Oscar (he was a GROUCH), but we are hoping Elmo will live up to his name and be cute and calm.
    Laura R (FL)
    1.0.0 Colombian Tegu
    1.4.0 Argentine B&W Tegu
    1.2.0 Red Tegu
    1.2.0 B/WxRed Tegu
    1.0.0 Green Ameiva (yet another teiid)
    7 other lizards
    1 little gator
    3 FL box turtle
    1 Sulcata tortoise
    16 snakes
    5 fuzzy pets
    4 little frogs
    a bunch of creepy bugs
    and a partridge in a pear tree

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    Panthalassa - Blue Tegu
    Pangaea - Argentine B&W
    Jen (Austin, TX)
    0.0.1 Argentine B&W Tegu
    0.0.1 Blue Tegu
    0.0.1 Red Tegu
    3.7.0 Ball Pythons
    1.1.0 Coral Het Albino Boas
    2.1.0 Chuckwallas
    0.1.0 Australian Water Dragon
    & Tarantulas


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