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Thread: lizard names

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    Default Names

    Our son named the pets we have
    Harry a huge B&W tegu
    Jeff a large monitor
    Pancake and Steve our baby monitors ( we just had to sepperate stve has become to aggressive, wife beater)
    I like the human names it's quirky and pancake well she use to flatten out when we first got her she's calm now especially after steve got his own place

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    My B&W Argentine is named Zilla cuz he walks around his cage packing an attitude like godzilla.

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    our argentine bl& white tegu is named atlas after te guy that holds up the world
    our bts is named cuyler like from squidbillies
    our baby beardie is ruby for her color
    and our newest beardie is lucy the translucent beardie
    we also have another baby beardie named sparticus idk my boyfriend came up with that one

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    My wife and I named all of our lizards
    Rex our male Green Basilisk, named after the flying lizard in the show Primaeval
    Jade the female green basilisk, because she is green
    Spike our water dragon, because of his spikey crest
    Cinnamon (Cinnie to her friends) the Uromastyx, because my wife likes cinnamon

    Jerry the Day Gecko, so named because he looks like his cousin Gary the Geico Gecko

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    My Beardie, Uresaii = Happy
    My Hermann tortoise Tama-chan = boulder,rock,ball etc
    0.1.0, 2007, Bearded Dragon (Uresaii)
    1.0.0, 1999, Hermann Tortoise (Tama-chan)
    0.1.0, 2007, Redfoot Tortoise (Kame-chan)

    Got msn? If you want to talk to me just leave me a private message !

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    My Argentine Tegu, Big G - originally I had two, boy & a girl named them Guinevere and Lancelot (Guin & Lance) because I got them near Valentines Day. Guin turned out to be the boy and got bigggggg, so Big G.
    My Colombian Tegu, Angelrose- my daughter named her because she acts like an Angel.
    My other Colombian - still thinking.
    My Redtail Boa, Frankie - his face reminds me of a guy I dated.
    My Carpet Python, Fergy - I think I liked one of the songs at the time.
    My Ball Pythons, Bernadette & Baxter - ''Bernadette' was the song playing when I bought her and I needed another name starting with ''B' for her boyfriend so ....Baxter.
    My Samatron Blood Python, Lil' Blood - I just got him and he's only an itty-bitty (especially in comparison to the others).
    My normal Burmese Python, Muffin - when she rolls around in a circle, she looks like a huge muffin top (She's my babe).
    MY Green Burmese Python, Hunter - He's green. So hunter as in the color.
    My Super Tiger Reticulated Python, Happy - He always looks happy.
    My normal Tiger Reticulated Python, Boyfriend - He's my bud' and always hangs out with me.

    1.0.0 Argentine Tegu
    0.1. Colombian Tegus
    1.0.0 Genetic Stripe Reticulated Python
    1.0.0 Albino/Lav Reticulated Python
    1.0.0 Normal Dwarf Reticulated Python
    0.1.0 Dwarf Platinum Reticulated Python
    0.1.0 Dwarf Tiger Reticulated Python
    0.1.0 Normal Burmese Python

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    Leopard geckos

    Sahara and Tahara (Tangerine and albino): Sahara got her name because I instantly thought of desert when I got them and Tahara because she's more dominate. As far as handling, Tahara is a doll and Sahara does not like to be picked up or touched. Another interesting thing is that Sahara likes to jump and I mean jump far (never seen that in a leopard gecko). My newest addition is named Princess because I got her at about 5 months and she was super tiny and she's gorgeous.

    Blue Tegu

    I named him Cruz because I don't know what sex it is yet and I went to a site and seen all these names and Cruz was a latin unisex name that meant cross and tegus are from Latin America so it stuck.
    0.0.1 Blue tegu
    2.3 Leopard geckos
    1.1 American pit bull terriers
    A lot of Madagascar Hissers

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    Toki - B&W Argentinian Tegu is named after Toki Wartooth the rhythm guitarist in the deathmetal band Dethklok.
    Scorch - Bearded dragon is named after Ben Stillers Scorcher action hero character from Tropic Thunder. Also Scorch sounds like what a dragon would do to you
    Nadine - Columbian Boa. IDK if it is even a girl, my son named her.
    Mickey & Minnie - Min pins - when we got Mickey he was the runt, only weighed 1lb and looked like a rodent. I wanted to name him Mighty Mouse & even though he was my surprise birthday present (10 years ago) I got over ruled by the kids who were 6 & 3 because they didn't know who Mighty Mouse was. Oh well
    Toki Tegu
    Scorch Dragon
    Nadine Columbian Boa
    2 Herb freak Teenagers & 1 Beardie loving Hubby

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    Jaba - Blue tegu, named after the blob from star wars (my bf named it, not sure if it's going to stick though)

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    i have killia he is my biggest cuz hell kill ya (yea right) lol then traz like the trazza floor lol and kamil idk lol


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