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Thread: lizard names

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    Remington Steel (B&W Tegu) - We needed a gender neutral name and my husband and I are both avid hunters.
    Smallz (Giant Tegu) - My husband thought it would be funny because he's a giant
    Mr. Bean (Het. Ghost BP) - He was sold to us as a Butter Ghost Het so his name became Mr. Butter Bean
    Mrs. Bean (Het. Ghost BP) - Bought solely as Mr. Bean's gf, so she's Mrs. Honey Bean
    Shamu (Anery Kenyan Sand Boa) - It's obvious
    Morpheus (JCP) - Dunno, that's the name the best friend picked out and it just stuck
    Miko (Malamute) - He's named after the raccoon in Pocahontas.
    0.1 B&W Tegu (Remington Steel)
    1.0 Extreme Giant Tegu (Smallz)
    1.0 Blue Tegu (Shakespeare)

    0.1 Red Tegu (Izma)
    0.0.1 Caiman Lizard (Bubba)
    0.1 Black Throat Monitor (Tanin)
    1.1 Emerald Tree Boas (Buddy & Ezzy)
    0.1 Lavender Albino Reticulated Python (Leelu)
    1.0 Granite Burmese Python (Reaper)
    Too Many. Ball Pythons
    Too Many. Jungle Carpet Pythons

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    hmmm lets see if i remember lol:

    my mali uromastyx-drew, there was a tv show i used to love and a characters name was drew sadora i plan on getting a female and name her sadora
    tegu1-nero, when i first got her i was hoping for a boy, and was looking at baby names and i like this one
    tegu2-achilles, i really love the movie troy
    green iguana-manny, short for manuel( my 3 y/o neice named him she thought that was the name of the iguana on beverly hills chihuahua)
    bearded dragon-gizmo- i just thought it was a cute name for a cute lil new newborn dragon
    rhino iguana-khaos, there was a lot of chaotic events happening around the time i got him lol
    red tegu-pyro, this boy is hot red, on fire so his name is fiiting
    leopard gecko-bronx, i really liked the tv show gargoyles
    0.1 Black and white ~ Rayne
    1.0 Exterme giant ~ Storm

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    Sassy Sal-rescued Colombian tegu (was Sassy Sally until he turned out to be a boy)
    Gnash- Argentine Red X Blue hybrid (so named because she was a biter but no longer)
    Liz- rescued BTS (short for lizard)
    No Toes-rescued BTS (he had no toes when I got him)
    Non Reptiles-
    Mare-female Red Heeler (already named when I got her)
    Lucky- female Blue Heeler (We call her Lucky to be Alive-she had a rough start)
    River- rescued black male cat found on the way to the River at 3 wks of age
    Chelsea- rescued white famale cat, deaf with one blue eye and one green eye (she's my 2nd white cat named Chelsea)
    Boogie- BLM Mustang gelding (he's a little spooky)
    Harley- Blue and Gold Macaw (his previous owner said he was a boy but we found out different when "he" laid an egg!)

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    tegu's name: terrance-- terrance the tegu TTT
    savannah monitor (got rid of him he would refuse to be tamed down): beefer-- when we got him my tegu ate 12 crickets a week and beefer ate about 12 a day

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    b/w tegu - desmond, i couldn't really think of a name, my boyfriend thought this one up. we figured dessie for short, if he turned out to be a girl.
    two beardies - riley and terri. terri is named after my boyfriend's mom (she had just recovered from chemo when we got them), and riley's original name was charlie, but that turned out to be the same name as my boyfriend's he changed it lol.
    snowy, blizzy, and frosty - my west highland terries, cuz they are white lol.
    zoey - my basenji/terrier sounded zonky and crazy, just like she is.
    olli and cali - twin calico cats of mine. olli was originally oliver, we thought she was a boy.
    harvy - new kitten with half black whiskers and half white, named after harvey dent.

    previous pets...
    siscko - my fire skink, when i got him, i was skipping school and had to hide behind a sisco truck from someone i knew from school lol. he passed away less than a year ago.
    shoney - my schnieder skink, she was gold like sunshine and honey, so i mixed it lol. i sold her last september.
    smokey - my old gray long haired cat. he died of old age.
    boots - my old gray tabby with all white "boot" feet. we think she died of poison or venom..
    paco - my old chiuahuah i found behind a walmart christmas 2007. also, old age.

    and i have one for a future pet, i hope to have someday...
    dry bones for an albino/snow tegu, from super mario brothers. =D

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    Turbo, my first b/w, I thought she was just a big slow lizard until I put her in the grass, and it was like she had a turbo button because she was FAST lol
    Torque, my second b/w that I got as a rescue. At first I named him Lil' Bruizer cause he was in pretty rough shape, but then as he grew and regained his health he needed a new name, and Torque went well with Turbo, and also fit him.
    Tango and Cash, newest b/w's. also rescues. My boyfriend named them after a movie which I don't recall the name of....I was gonna stick with my theme and name them Horsepower and RPM but he said no....hehehe naw I wouldn't have
    really done that to them

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    Cleopatra: Golden tegu..Just felt right gold made me think of Cleopatra. I call her Cleo for short
    Damien: Columbian tegu...Because the name means to pursue, subdue, and to kill....He was evil when I got him. I had my share of bites. He was a big baby when he died.He is pictured with me on my profile.
    Minna: leopard gecko She is my little girls and she named her.
    I have yet to name my new B&W..Names just seem to come to me. If not my little girl picks them.
    It would take me all day to list my snake names good thing you asked for lizard names lol.

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    tegu- Mylnor... means lightning... the hammer that thor carried.
    ball python- Loki.... The god of trickery... He loves to wag his tail like a dog when hes hungy
    ball python- Slither.... She loves to crawl on ur shoulders
    red tail boa- Pathereo ..... Ruinic letter for "P" also mean pussy... she a female.
    Chihuahua- Odie.. kinda dumb like the cartoon dog
    Basset hound- Daisy....she dont smell like
    Seal Point siamese- Tiny... 12 pound cat
    0.1.0 Red Tegu "Freyja"
    0.1.0 Argentine Black Nose Tegu "Mylnor"
    2.0.0 Chacoan Giant Tegu "Midgard & Murphy
    1.0.0 Chihuahua "Odie"

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    Bossk (Male Red Tegu) - Names after the lizard looking bounty hunter from Star Wars.
    Lux (Leopard Gecko) - Unit of measuring light, just thought it sounded cool.
    Agent Orange (Male Bearded Dragon) - Cause he's has orange on his and he's a secret agent, also a chemical weapon used during Vietnam.

    Set (Male Ball Python) Egyptian god of Chaos
    Dogg (Female Albino Pattern less Burmese) (R.I.P) - Thought it would be funny, but it lost its novelty pretty quick

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    Calypso - fem calico cat, aside from Cali being a popular calico name, Calypso is the name of a nymph that lived on an island and took someone captive (forgot who) and boy is this cat clingy.
    Nova - fem blue merle aussie, novas are exploding stars as far as I know, and it fits the aussie personality.
    Icee & Diva - 2 fem ferrets, one is white & silver, Icee is sorta a temp name. The other is named diva because when she was little, if she got mad at me she'd give other people kisses and ignore me.
    Hakkar - boy rainbow boa, named after the snake god thing in World of Warcraft.
    Zeke- hopefully boy b/w Argentine tegu, haven't gotten him yet, but Zeke is the name of a robo dinosaur from a show I used to watch when I was younger. I thought it fits.

    I used to have 2 more snakes, a central american boa & an albino rosy boa, named Ekans & Corona. (From pokemon & corona means crown, but it's also a part of the sun. It fit, he was bright! I thought he was a girl till I sold him though. Would be a good name for a girl red tegu! )


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