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Thread: lizard names

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    Quote Originally Posted by nordica View Post
    Oooh, I love that name!

    So, for all of our reptiles...

    B/W tegu - Boszki (had a friend with a cat of the same name; his personality is starting to resemble that cat's)
    All American tegu - Oscar the Grouch (well, he's kind of a butt, so it just kind of fits)
    Beardie - Spaz (totally self explanatory)
    Beardie - Leonidas (was the name given to him by his previous owners who we got him from)
    Ball Python - Moose (he's just so big and chill and relaxed and dumb-acting *grin*)
    Ball Python - Lil' Bit (we hadn't named her and so just started calling her that since she's a baby; it kind of stuck)

    RIP, Beardie - Knuckles (aka Kitteh; don't really know where the Knuckles name came from, as The Boyfriend already had her when we started hanging out, but the Kitteh part was a nickname that stuck)
    Thank you Nordica
    One Male Ferret Chaplin
    Two Male Boer Goats Edward and Henry
    One Male Pygmy Goat Nicolas
    One Male Argentine B&W Tegu Lucien

    RIP ferret: Loki

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    My R. Aucitilatus named is Jackie :3
    Britt's Animals!

    0.1.0 Gargoyle Gecko (Jackie)

    1.0.0 Shiba Inu (Riku)

    0.1.0 German/Lab (Meadow)

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    My female red tegu is called Pompaour
    Black roughneck monitor, Kaburi
    cherry-head dwarf red-foot tortoise is Takada

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    buddy- leopard gecko- it kinda clicked and i was 5 wen i named it.
    buba- red tail boa- i dont know wy i named it that.
    brutus- crested gecko- he's really small so i wanted to give him a name that was opposite i guess.
    tag- tegu- it didnt involve much thought.

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    I'd like to post some of my Lizard names, too.. Hope you don't mind..

    Bearded Dragon:
    Beardie - It's my first Lizard and i don't know what's the best name for him.. He's a normal Bearded Dragon..
    Of Raging Blaze - I call it ORB.. The name comes from it's very distinctive bright red color.. Some call it Flaming Tiger, Red Flame and some say it's a Sandfire.. But i can't tell what kind of morph it is, until now..

    Savannah Monitor:
    Omeyo & Omete - A young pair.. Omeyo is female and Omete is male..

    Loki - My first Tegu.. It's an Argentine B&W Tegu and just arrived yesterday..

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    Since I don't have a tegu... yet... I hope y'all don't mind me listing my leopard gecko... His name is Eros... after the greek God of Love and sexual desire. He was an anniverary present, and after my tortoise that spend the first 10 years of our marriage together died shortly beforeour 10th anniversary, I had to get another critter to fill the tank... you can't just leave a tank empty So Leos are suppose to live like 20-ish years so hopefully our marriage will last another 20-ish plus years as well. Plus he has the cutest heart shaped spot on his nose... See:

    First shot is his baby pix, second is at 10 mos old.
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    OK, that is really cute! I've never kept leos but someone gave me a crestie last week.
    Laura R (FL)
    1.0.0 Colombian Tegu
    1.4.0 Argentine B&W Tegu
    1.2.0 Red Tegu
    1.2.0 B/WxRed Tegu
    1.0.0 Green Ameiva (yet another teiid)
    7 other lizards
    1 little gator
    3 FL box turtle
    1 Sulcata tortoise
    16 snakes
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    a bunch of creepy bugs
    and a partridge in a pear tree

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    Thanks Laura. He's a really cute lil booger. Loads of personailty, loves to sit on your knee and watch tv, esp. House and Boardwalk empire He's litterbox trained too A real special lil dude. Cresties are a load of fun from what I hear and pretty easy to keep. Just make sure his temps don't go over 80 too often is what I hear the most. I belong to a really good gecko forum if you'd like the url I'd be happy to share it Eros is my first lizard since an anole I had when I was like 9. Before him it was tortoises and ball pythons (which my son has a ball named Loki mine was named Evillynn (not that she was evil. She just didn't like people sticking their hand in her bag. She would travel with me in my army medic bag) .
    "The Worst Sin to OUR Fellow Creatures is NOT to Hate Them... But to be Indifferent to Them...
    THAT'S the Essence of Inhumanity

    ~George Bernard Shaw~

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    Dio- I was looking at names online and thought Dio was really good, then the net week Ronny James Dio died and decided it was a sign that when Dio hatched that was supposed to be his name.
    Smaug the axolotl- The hobbit was still fresh in my mind from reading it.
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    1.0.0 Tabby Cat (Dippy)
    Madagascar Hissing roaches

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    Female Beardie- Bob (didn't know her sex)
    Female Breadie- Marley (to match Bob)
    Female Beardie- Mrs. Fat ( rescued her from morbid obesity)
    Unknown B&W Tegu- Goober (Idk it just kinda flows lol)


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