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Thread: is it a boy or a girl?

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    Default is it a boy or a girl?

    Hi all,

    when my tegu makes a poepoe first there is urine then white yellow stuff then poepoe and then i saw 2 red/pink things come out his tail and it went back in again???
    are those hemipenes?

    is my tegu a boy ??? i think so

    the white yellow stuff i think is access calcium that is too much in his meal does that confirm that he is getting enough calcium in his diet ??

    thanks remy

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    Hi Remy! I love Ice Age and your avatar!

    Sounds like hemipenes which would indicate a male. He should also have two little pea-like buttons on each side of his vent.

    The white portion of his waste is called urates and contains uric acid from protein metabolism. It's normal in reptiles. It's great for determining dehydration, but I have never heard of a link between urates and calcium in normal observation. Perhaps a vet or pathologist could do a urinary analysis and check for composition of crystals, but I don't think that's what you meant.

    Short of getting a lab test done at the vet, getting the right amount of calcium in the diet is sort of guessing game. Proper husbandry is the key, though. Diet is very important: feeding whole foods like rodents and quail/chicks provide bones and vitamins. Calcium supplements that do not contain phosphorous should be used on meals that are ground turkey or organ meats. A high quality tube flourescent UV or mercury vapor bulb helps to manufacture vit D to process the calcium. A basking site of 110-115 will give the tegu a chance to make sure his body is working at optimum temperature.
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    thanks for your reply,
    so it is for sure a boy !!!

    about the urates it looks like blackboard chalk so i made a connection that it was unused bone particles
    from eating rodents that was not used for bone buildup in the tegus body.

    greetings remy

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    Hi Remy.Yes, you have a boy .You also find two white looking strings in there ( when it's breeding season ).Those are the spurm plugs.
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