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    Hi everyone!
    So we just got our first tegu today. she's awesome, about 13 inches long so not a hatchling but far from adult tegu-hood. I have a couple of questions about her enclosure. We currently have her in a 40 gallon tank because we aren't done with her enclosure yet. In a day or two it will be done. the enclosure we are building is 3 ft by 6 ft by 3 ft on the top level, with a hole in one corner leading down to a small 2 by 3 ft "underground" burrow (fully enclosed, no lighting, just lots of substrate to dig around in). Is this enclosure going to be too big for our little girl right now? or is it a good idea to just get her into her home quickly and let her get acclimated?
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    I'm no expert like some on this forum, but my guess would be that a new little tegu will find the underground cavern, go to hide, and just settle itself to the cool, dark environment and not come out. I'd definitely start her in a smaller space - maybe if you can temporarily put up a partition and close of the secret cave.

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    I don't think the space will be a problem, I actually think she will enjoy it. Just make sure she has a few hides. The only problem would be if the enclosure is to big for you to reach her if you need too. The cavern might not be needed yet.

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    im still wondering if my underbed enclosure is going to be too big for a couple baby tegus to be running around in :p i think they'll enjoy it though.

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    with any young, small animal, there is always the case of them being stressed out(more than usual) from being in too big of an enclosure. Just as IsDrake stated, make sure you have plenty of hides (sticks, branches, caves, large rocks, etc.). I personally have put very small tegus and monitors in large cages but have never had problems. I always make sure I have a ton of hiding places too. If your tegu has many places to hide all over the enclosure, he/she will be more likely to roam the enclosure because he/she knows there is a secure place to go, from vitually anywhere in the enclosure. African Cichlids use the same premise. If you only have 2-3 places to hide, they will always be hiding and you will never see them, but if you have 2-3 places every 5 inches, for the length of the entire tank, then they will always be out and about, because they know they always have a safe place to retreat to.

    I would say give it a shot in the new cage. Give him some time to be alone and let him get acclimated (no interaction from you for a few days besides for changing his water/food) and see how he/she does. If all is going well, keep him/her in there. if not, move back to your 40g until a little bigger (don't worry, it doesn't take long) and then try again.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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    Hello Tedzilla and Welcome ...

    Congrats on getting a such an adorable Tegu !

    I have always started them in a small enclosure.

    Nero557's idea sounds very appealing and safe for a young Tegu.
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