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    Default butterflys

    are there any butterflys that a tegu could eat? i dont know if the eat them in nature i just think it would be cool to see arthur grab one out of the air.

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    To be honest with you I wouldn't feed him anything that comes from the outside. You never know if the insects are sick. If you want to you can feed him some feeder roaches. I know you think it might be cool to see him eat something in mid air but it can develop ( sorry for the grammer ) some aggresion.
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    When Hernando was an infant and just barely getting used to us, HernandosPapa fed him crickets by tossing them one at a time and Hernando would catch them in mid-air. It was pretty sweet for both of them. Fortunately, they both outgrew this habit before Hernando was big enough to deliver a damaging bite, so he had time to calm down and unlearn the quick-bite response.

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    plus a lot of buterflies from what i've heard can be toxic to some animals
    (so you'd have to do A LOT of research no what kind lives where & what animals eat them bla bla bla)
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