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Thread: T-Rex still not eating

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    i've got the same issue with my b/w teg. i built him/her a new cage ahd it hasn't eat much since then.

    i added another light in the tank since its a bigger cage, so its got 2 clamp lihgts with 75w houshold bulbs,one light is about a foot high above the mulch/rocks i put on the hot side the otehr is about 18in high and my 18in uvb tube is a about 15in or something there on from 6:30am-6pm, i ve got a tep/hum zoo med them. on the rock and it reads about 110 under one of the lights..

    it'll eat a lil but not like it used to...i've fed ground turkey,chicken liver raw(since it hasnt eaten much i tried cooking the turkey and liver),scrammbled and hardboilded eggs, mice, fruits....all the food its always got. it just eats a lil and leaves it alone..ive tried in a bin,ontop of the bin, in the tank,still a fe bites and thats it. not shedding and is active, walks all over the place, in and out of its hides, knock all the plants over,lol. dont know wats up.. ill keep trying different things and watchin this thread.

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    What is the ambient temperature of the tank? your humidity level? Substrate?

    Sounds fine to me, probably just adjusting to the new setup? How long has it been?

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