Sorry I've been off for a bit, it is my spring break so I've been up n around with the family!

The vet said Tegs is in perfect health, stool was clean, he weighs about 6 lbs 3oz, provided I remembered that number correctly. Said he really likes the temps and the diet I've got him at and said he ust looks great overall. I won't lie I was beaming! I'm so proud! I've been wondering how well I was doing!

He did say, make sure to soak him at least once a day, even if its for 5 mins or so and when it gets warm enough take him outside, done and done. I bought the harness you guys recommended, though he seems adept at getting out of it! I'm still working on the whole keep it on him concept!

Nothing in his stool just feathers, but I will keep that in mind txrepgirl. I actually just bought a new one 2 weeks ago, my old one blew up...

I can't say I'm all too happy about it either, he hasn't done it since I brought him home, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.