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Thread: Rat pups or mice?

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    Default Rat pups or mice?

    Are rat pups better for Tegus then mice? I've heard that rat pups have a higher fat content than mice is this good or bad? (for the Tegu)
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    I guess fat content would be a concern if you have an overweight tegu, but fat is important is the diet, too. This is just my opinion and I don't know if there's any weight to it, but my concern is skeleton formation and calcium content over fat. So... I choose to feed small rats. They are bigger than rat pups so they have a formed skeleton, but there is still room for fruits, veggies, and other foods in the meal.
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    I do know that a rat pup is much better than a mouse pup, but i believe an adult mouse has more bone mass than a rat pup so when it comes to calcium level aan dult mouse is a better choice. i do mouse pups for smaller tegus then i move to rat pups, then adult mice then small rats then medium!( lol you get the idea)
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