Still we have cold nights and I have got a foot injury last week
In spite of the situation, I went to herp the day before yesterday
Actually I was wondering whether or not I should go to the wild.
But the good weather made me want to go!

Just an hour traveling from the central of Tokyo,
you can go to something like this kind of nature

The cherry trees are almost in full bloom this season.

transplanting and seedling have been started, yet
But soon it is busy season everywhere

Dandelion puffball
It makes me want to blow the seeds as a boy

The so-called "Snake street" by the people around here
and I met several snakes here last year actually
But the ground was still flat with a sparse growth of grass.

The first snakey in 2010!!

This is a young tiger keelback(Rhabdophis tigrinus / yamakagashi in Japanese)
Quite common snake around water
They are rear fanged colubrid and the color pattern is olive-drab green with black stripes and
bright orange stripes from the neck down the first third of the body.
But there're a lot of colour variation actually. The average length is usually 60-100 cm.

diabolic looks, but they are not that aggresive so much

He's acting menacingly and spreading out of his hood widly like a cobra lol
That's their knee-jerk reaction

I saw a giganic anaconda was constricting to a croc
It was a breathtaking performance