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Thread: two things.

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    Default two things.

    1) i've really been looking at sun conures lately as a pet for when i graduate college (in 2 ish years lol), what are some things i should know about conures? i used to care for two of them when i worked at a petsmart, but they were a couple and rather aggressive. i met one at another store, and it was so affectionate and playful.

    2) i saved a hatchling cockateil today at a petland! i hate petland so much, but i always go looking in them - and today i was looking at the cockatiels and one baby hopped out of the nesting box, tangled in bedding. i grabbed it and told my boyfriend to find an employee, and we both helped save the poor thing (it had this cotton-like bedding wrapped all around its leg and throat, and even swallowed some of it!)
    the poor thing broke two toe nails in its struggle. but i'm so happy that i helped it out.

    i felt the need to share.

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    Thank you for saving that baby bird!

    I've never kept parrots, but I have a story. I was walking in San Francisco last year along a tiny park -- just a lawn and a few trees, really -- in the downtown financial district, about a block from the ferry terminal. You may know that there is a flock of cherry-headed conures in SF that has grown over the last three decades from some escaped pets. They are quite wild. So I walked over to this park with a friend cuz I heard those parrots up in the trees. One was sitting apart from the flock, at the top of this mulberry tree. I kind of spoke to the bird up in the tree like I'd speak to any animal.

    When we turned to go, that bird swooped down and flicked my hair (I have real curly hair) and flew back up into the tree. Naturally, I turned around and stuck my arm out. This wild parrot flew down and perched on my hand! Just like that. The whole episode happened in about 3 minutes. He was just a juvenile, maybe 4 months old, so it wasn't like he was someone's bonded escapee. He sat on my hand long enough to get some cell phone pics snapped of him and flew off.

    Based on this, I'd say in terms of care you should let it fly around uncaged and talk to it from time to time.

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    I saw the documentary about the San Fran birds, have you seen it? It's the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill...must be the same birds you saw.

    I know conures are loud and generally become very attached to one person, usually not the person who loves the birds the most, lol. We are considering getting a cockatoo. I would just say keep doing research until you feel you are ready for that commitment.
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    I was raised with birds. My mother has a free flight aviary at her house and I have hand raised many as well as every little bird that falls out of a nest, has a broken wing or gets attacked by someone's dog. Everyone knows she is the bird lady and brings her things to heal. LOL I think that birds are allot like reptiles when it comes to being tamed. You can take a nasty mean bird and with enough work make him like you as long as you are not afraid of getting bitten. Or if you are lucky and can get one as young as possible they will bond to you even better if you can do the tail end of the hand feeding. It just comes down to the amount of time you are willing to spend. The only warning I have about birds is they are not quiet house guests and the ones that can talk will rat you out! If you curse enough or end up having kids who whine guess who will be swearing and whining? My parent's old neighbors had two large parrots who lived on their screened back porch and screamed in a horrid child's voice "Mom...Dad" and other assorted kiddie complaints all day. It sounded like they had locked their kids out of the house and they were screaming to get back in. LOVELY
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    Sun conures are very affectionate when bought from a breeder hand raised as most conures do
    one thing about suns is that they are very noisy so sometimes they aren't the best for apartments, have you looked into blue front conures, senegals, or caiques they are all sweet little buggers that are fairly quiet
    I have a soft spot for caiques as they are little mischeif makers and hop around when excited you'll fall in love with this video lol

    try looking for a sun conure specific site for your best info


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