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Thread: Pet Smart A+ in my book

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    Default Pet Smart A+ in my book

    I Know I Know Chain Stores are the Devil

    Well i was at PetSmart in Ithaca NY today
    they got a new manager in the past 3 months or so
    Man has she turned that place around 1/2 of the staff was new too
    Reptile department has Tripled in size (all PetSmart's are upping the Reps)
    this store does a 4-6 week Quarantine to make sure the animal is stable, healthy, & eating good
    she even showed me the side room & the feeding/ care records of the animals in there

    I went in for 2 Doz crickets & came out with the crickets, a baby Ball Python, and a Boat Load of Respect.

    It started with my daughter ordering the crickets, she asked what she was feeding them to.

    Aerika said we have lizards.
    so i said Aerika what are the crickets are for
    so she said Oh my frogs

    then the manager asked what lizards we had so i told her
    then she asked if we had any other pets so i listed them all off

    she was kinda surprised
    then asked how many BP's i had then asked if i wanted another one
    (i thought she was doing her job... trying to sell me one)

    so i told her i couldn't buy one today

    so she said Oh cuz we have one we want to "Adopt" out
    then i asked her about it, they can't sell any animal that shows signs of aggression or bitting

    (the BP bit an Employee or 2... i figured it was because of the dumb employee ie. helped someone with a small animal then tried to pick up the BP or clean the cage smelling of "food")

    so long story short i got a beautiful Baby Ball Python for Free, and got him home set up an extra tank, then took him out of the box held it for a few mins then put him in his cage... no bites no aggressiveness of any kind

    Even got the records of care since they got the li'l one in and feeding sheet w/ what was fed, if he ate, & days/times fed

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    very cool and grats, i went into a pet smart about a month or so ago and i thought i was gonna loose my sh** the herps were in super tight quarters and terrible substrates if any, the sheddings on em were just bad, im in nevada so this isnt the most humid place on this earth, its like take 2 min to mist the enclosures. Well im glad that the bp found a good home and you found a good pet store.
    Good Luck, Caleb
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    i used to work at a petsmart, and my store had no policy of such LOL.
    i was bit several times by hamsters, a california king snake with aggression, and an african cichlid.

    then again, i worked at a store with wannabe veterinarians LOL.

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    Chain store get bad raps because they don't have good policies in place. If you find one with decent staff and a great manager, it's a jewel!

    Great find, Pikey!
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    Wow. That is a nice story. I'm so happy to hear that they finally got a manager who knows what they are doing. I wish they would start doing this every where. Congrats on your new snake .
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    Yeah, thats a lucky find! I've worked at petsmart as well and never heard of such a policy. Jeez, if we took in an animal that was abandoned in the store we weren't allowed to keep them in the salon kennels (where I worked). We had to suck up to keep them in the breakroom if we ended up buying a kennel/enclosure for it. We loved animals in the salon, but it seemed everywhere else (esp banfield) couldn't care less. :p

    This was a Las Vegas, NV petsmart, also. I'm sure the snakes were underfed, I've never been to another petstore with such small ones.

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    i agree not all of them are bad, i have experienced bad stores and good ones. its about management and the staff!
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    i have to agree with you i will never go to another Petco again but the Petsmart close to me is exactly like that i absolutely love them Ive never had any issues with any animals there they are always taken really good care of so im with you on this one pikey
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    I got my Bearded Dragon from a Petco. The lady working there actually knew what she was talking about and started telling me they need proper lighting, heating, supplements, etc. So that was pretty good.
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    Awesome. I can't say I've ever agreed with chain pet stores, but I recently joined up with one as a petcare associate to hopefully make a different. I'm currently our reptile expert and showing my manager what's up as far as proper care goes... A big issue aside from policies is Employees. I have plenty of associates that love feeders n furries (mammals) and are comfortable with reptiles, but really don't know WTF they are doing. lol Then there are the ones that fell "spot checking is enough." Yeah don't get me started on the russian tortoise cage that was "spot checked" for a month because it was "too tough to reach..." Yeah I scrubbed that motha! lol

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