Ugh I wish the ones here would take a clue. They are NEVER educating their employees properly (altho I'm sure if they knew proper husbandry they maybe might), always recommend UV lighting for leopard geckos (which is a big no no), keep them on sand... all the wrong stuff, tell people silly stuff like superworms will eat out their gecko's bellies. Most of the time I just wanna take all the geckos and release them into the wild. At lest there they'd have half a chance. They always look like they're on crack... skinny and all bony, half inpacted and loaded with parasites. Even the "corporate issued" caresheets are inaccurate. They'll keep like 4 in those little 5 gallon display racks all squished into one small hide... it makes me ill. I'm glad that the one you have is a good one. The rest should follow the example. I hate ours so bad I even refuse to buy feeders there anymore. I can't support ignorence.