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Thread: BEWARE there could be a SCAMER in our family here

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    I beleive I've seen a pic of him posing with a medium sized monitor. At least he said it was him and he appeared to be in his mid to late twenties.
    I've thought about buying reptiles online (not from him specifically) a few times and I have always wondered what happens to all of those guys who cheat people. Now I know. And I am happy.
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    Ahhh, good ol' JJ. I've had emails, pms, and text messages from him. It wasn't all that hard to know that he was someone you didn't want to do business with.
    Now as far as reselling animals, I have no problem with flippers as long as they don't try to pass them off as something they produced. A lot of times you may resell animals that you had bought many of, whether to help pay for what you wanted or because you grow several babies and pick out the very best ones from the group as breeders. I don't judge people that resell, I judge people by their actions and the way they carry themselves.

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    Agreed, Wil. Flipping isn't my favorite way of dealing with animals only because so many times they get jostled and stressed. Lots of times people looking to make a buck skimp on care and the animal suffers. He's contacted me about my babies (I think) and another critter he wanted to sell but I declined.

    Enigma, I've done plenty of deals on-line with reptiles and just goods in general and very rarely get burned. I do try to cover know...and make sure I am protected in my dealings. I prefer to do business via PayPal credit cards because of mediation and protection. It's not 100% foolproof, but usually better than dealing in cash, MO, or checks.

    I am a strong believer in "truth will out", and actions have consequences. Unethical business dealings usually have a way of coming back to bite someone in the butt.
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