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    Hey guys my name is Mike and I have recently fell deeply in love with tegus. It all started when I saw one in my local pet shop. I had heard of tegus before and heard that they were very nasty so I decided to ask how this one was. He told me it was good once it was out of the cage and I decided to do some research. Well I looked at a couple videos and saw how tame they can be and how great they truly are. I decided that I wanted an Argentine B&W and while looking at some pics I came across a pic of a golden tegu. At that moment I knew that was the tegu for me. I know that at the moment I am definately not ready for a tegu but I do plan on getting one in the near future. I know they require a large enclosure and alot of room. I actually planned on free roaming it in my house. I feel so embarassed that I went through all that just to ask if anyone knew a quality breeder for goldens but I am really interested in tegus.

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    FIrst, welcome. I'm not sure what you mean by golden, if you could post a picture of the tegu you are talking about, or at least a link, then I could help you. I hear golden, I think Colombian. I do not recommend a Colombian for a first time keeper. They do tame down, but it takes alot more work, and it can be really frustrating. I suggest starting with a black and white, They cost a bit more, but it is worth it in the long run. The breeder I recomend is Bobby hill from Varnyardherps inc. He is a great guy to do business with. As far as free roaming it in your home, I highly urge you not to do this, there is tons of things that can injure the animal. Free roaming should only be done under supervision.

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    If you want to free roam your tegu it would probably be a better idea to tegu-proof a room and let him free roam in a single room.If you like the golden because of the coloration, I would suggest getting a Argentine red, but if it's the size I'd go with a blue. Blue's don't always have a platinum blue color but they grown to just barely larger than a Colombian.
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    There really aren't any Golden breeders in the US. T teguixin eggs take around 5 months to incubate, the clutch is 3-5 eggs, and the resale value is low, so there isn't much incentive to breed them. Instead what you find are imports or captive hatched eggs. I have three eggs incubating and I'm thinking, "Wow...August to Feb? Seriously?" I have to admit that I don't have a lot of faith in my ability to hatch these guys out. :(

    Anyway, my first tegu was a Colombian. They really aren't as bad as people say. They are a bit more flightly as babies, but they settle down with handling. They continue to huff as adults (but I like that part) and are more skittish. But I have a male that is just as tame as many Argentine B/W's and my female has made the trip to many classroom demonstrations.
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